Why Young Women should Vote – Keep sexism out of policy

Nice video by Lena Dunham on why it is so important to vote in the midterm elections. This is your chance to keep sexism out of policies in Washington. This is your chance to have control of your own bodies, not to let some old dude in Washington decide for you.

Why Women should Vote – Video

Educating and unleashing women, a power for good

“What is so scary about smart girls?” says Nicholas Krystof in the New York Times.


  • Boko Haram militants attacked a girls’ school
  • The Pakistani Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai in the head at age 15
  • The Afghan Taliban throws acid on the faces of girls who dare to seek an education

Why are fanatics so terrified of girls’ education? Because there’s no force more powerful to transform a society. The greatest threat to extremism isn’t drones firing missiles, but girls reading books.  Read the full article What is so Scary about Smart Girls?


Do you Want Advancement at Work? Look for the right male boss!



According to Sarah Yager’s research in her article How Women Change Men, men’s attitudes at work are heavily influenced by the close relationships with women they have in their personal lives:

  • Male CEOs with firstborn daughters pay their employees more, giving female employees the biggest raises
  • Men who have daughters are less attached to traditional gender roles
  • Men who have sisters however are more supportive of traditional gender roles and less likely to perform housework
  • Men with stay-at-home wives favor a traditional division of labor, disapprove of women in the work place, and more frequently deny promotions to qualified women

So the ideal male boss should be one with daughters, no sisters, and a working wife.







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12-year Old Female Leader dismissed by NC Governor as a “Prop”

How is this for female leadership?  Madison Kimrey, just 12 years old and founder of NC Youth Rocks, gave a rousing speech at a recent NAACP event, taking on Governor Pat McCrory, and the state’s recent highly restrictive Voter I.D. laws.

She raises huge concerns about the elimination of the state’s pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds through schools and the state’s DMV that enables them to automatically be added to the voting rolls when they turn 18.

She asked to talk to Gov. McCrory, but he refused to meet with her, calling her “ridiculous” and a “liberal prop.”

Her response: “I am not a prop. I am part of a new generation of suffragettes.”

Hear her speak. What an amazing young woman!

Promote Confidence in Girls and Women

Get the word out. The Confidence Coalition is an alliance committed to:

  • Promoting self-confidence in girls and women by empowering them to overcome social barriers and inspiring them to reach their greatest potential
  • Providing networking opportunities for organizations, companies and individuals who build confidence in girls and women
  • Encouraging women and girls to be engaged in their communities through active participation in organizations that serve women and girls.

Watch the video.

Share the video and to learn more visit http://confidencecoalition.org/